Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the mobile app ("The App"), published by the Icelandic company Rauðás Hugbúnaður ehf. ("The company").

Your data, and how we use it

The app does not have access to any personal data from you. We store data on your device to remember your scores and preferences for the games in the app, we do not send this data to your servers, it's only stored on your device.

We send events to our servers to get aggregated statistics for gameplay, i.e. we may log how many games of Hearts are played by users of the app, how many percentage of games the computer players win, how many games are started and finished etc. This data is only saved in an aggregated form, we know that all our users together played 5000 games of Hearts today for example, but we have no way of knowing how many games a specific user played.

We don't have access to your name, email address or any other data about you. If you email us for support ( then we'll have your email address but will only ever use it to reply to your emails, we never use it for any other purpose and never share it with any 3rd parties.

Your data and how it's used by our advertising partners

To serve ads within the game we use Google AdMob, an advertising network owned by Google. They use a "device identifer" on your device to serve you personalized ads. A device identifier is a unique number that they have access to, which they can use to serve you personalized ads, based on apps or websites you've visited. AdMob may also send requests to 10 other ad companies which can then use your device identifier to serve you relevant ads.

For users in the EU and EEA, you will get a prompt when starting the app for the first time, asking whether you want to allow personalized ads, or get non-personalized ones. You can also later change your mind by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left corner and choosing Ads & Privacy.

Other ad companies

Below is a list of the ad companies we work with and links to their privacy policies, if you want to better understand how they may use your data.

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy policy you can always contact us by email at