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Crazy eights is a popular shedding type game, popular with children all around the world as it's easy to learn: often being an introductory card game for younger children. The rules presented on this pages are the Icelandic rules, where the game is known as "Ólsen Ólsen", but aside from a few minor changes the rules are identical to Crazy Eights.


Using a standard 52 card deck, deal 8 cards to each player. If there are five or more players you may consider dealing fewer cards.

Place the remaining cards face down at the center of the table to form the draw pile, and flip the top card face up next to it to form the discard. The person to the left of the dealer goes first


When it's your turn, you may do one of the following actions

  1. You can play any card of the same suit as the one at the top of the discard. Example: There's a club at the top of the discard, you can play any club.
  2. You can play any card of the same rank as the one at the top of the discard. Example: There's a six of clubs at the top of the discard, you can play any other six.
  3. You can play two or more cards of the same rank at the same time, but the first one of them must be the same suit or rank as the discard. Example: There's a club on the discard. You can play the 5 of clubs, the 5 of hearts and the 5 of diamonds all at the same time. You click on the 5 of clubs. Instead of it being played right away, it only gets selected. You can now choose to either play it alone by pressing the "Play" button, or you can click on others of the same rank to play them together.
  4. If you have no card that you can play you can draw up to 3 cards from the deck. You can't draw if you have any cards that you can play in your hand. If you've drawn 3 cards and still can't play you must pass and the next player plays.
  5. You can always play an eight, and then you can change the suit to whatever you want.
  6. If the first card on the table is an eight when you start, then you are allowed to put down any card from your hand.

The first player to get rid of all cards in their hands wins.

And that's it!

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