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Kings In The Corners

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Kings In The Corners Rules


The objective of Kings In The Corners is to place all of the face cards down on the board and to remove all other cards from the game.


The game starts with a deck of cards, with the top card visible. The game board starts empty.

You must keep placing the top card of the deck onto the board. You can move a card either by clicking and dragging it, or by clicking on the card and then on the slot you'd like to move it to. After a card has been placed on the board it can not be moved to a different slot on the board unless the undo button is used.

  • Kings can only be placed on the corner slots on the board.
  • Queens can only be placed on the two middle slots in the top and bottom rows of the board.
  • Jacks can only be placed on the two middle slots in the left-most and right-most columns of the board.
  • Numbered cards can be placed in any slot on the board, regardless of how the slot is marked. That means if the four slots in the middle are occupied and you still have slots on the board to fill you must place the cards you draw from the stock onto any of the marked slots on the board.

Once the board is full, you can start removing cards.

You remove cards by selecting pairs whose ranks sum up to 10. Possible removals would be for example, an 8 and a 2, an ace and a 9, or a 10 by itself.

You can remove cards by either clicking on one card and then the next, or by clicking and dragging a card onto the next one.

When you have removed all available combinations of 10, you start drawing and placing cards again.

You lose the game if:

  • You draw a face card and all of its possible slots are occupied.
  • Your board is full, with no available pairs that add up to 10.

You win when all of the face cards are in their places and the stock is empty. This means that all the face cards must be placed in the correct slots along the edges of the board and all other cards must have been placed on the board and successfully removed. If the undo button is not used during a game the minimum amount of moves needed to win is 74.

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About Kings In The Corners

Kings in the Corners is our 10th solitaire game. Many of the other solitaires are quite similar, like Klondike, Yukon and Scorpion, but Kings in the Corners is different enough that we thought it would be a worthwhile addition to the site. The game will tell you when you have no more moves, but you can always choose to continue anyway and use the unlimited undos to see if you made a mistake earlier in the game.

As always you can click on the game number and see information about the current game, whether it has been won and what the record number of moves are, and you can start a particular game if you want. Enjoy the game :)

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This is version 3084 of Kings In The Corners.

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