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Download your image

To download the image to your computer, please right-click on it and choose Save Image As.... If you don't want to download the image, you just want to use it in the game, then close this dialog and press the Use this face button.


Hair color

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About the face builder

For years people have been asking me to let them choose different faces, give them a lady with white hair, a bald man, more people of color, and all sorts of other things. I've been meaning to make something like this for a looooong time, and finally it's here! You can now make your own player, choosing the skin color, hair, eyes and mouth. No noses though, because who needs those? So go ahead, create an awesome face, and please show some of them to me, either by posting them on our Facebook page, or by sending them to admin@cardgames.io. Have fun!

Recent faces

Here below you can see the last 30 faces created by our users. If you like one of these faces, you can click on it and it will be loaded in the face builder and from there you can choose to use it as your face on the site.


Classic faces

Some people love to create their own faces, but others just want to use one of the old faces we had on the site for the last few years. If you want to use one of these classic faces below, just click on it!


The face builder is pretty straight forward to use, but here are some instructions in case you're having problems.

  1. Start by clicking one of the colored heads to choose the skin color for your player.
  2. Then click on the next tab in the selection area. There are four tabs, Skin, Eyes, Hair and Mouth. When you click on a tab you'll see different options for that part of the face. Simply click on the part you like.
  3. To choose the hair (and beard) color go to the Hair tab, at the bottom of the selection panel there is a list of colors. Simply click the color that you want to use.

There are four buttons below the face builder. Here's what they do:

  1. Use this face: Saves the face you've created, and sends you back to the front page of the site, where you can see your new face in action. This button is not enabled until you've chosen all the parts of the face.
  2. Download image: This helps you to download an image of the face to your computer. This doesn't do anything for the site, it's just there in case you want to own a nice image of the face, to post on Facebook or something. We always enjoy seeing the faces you've created on our Facebook page, so by all means post it there :)
  3. Random face: Picks a random face from all the possibilities. Press this button a few times to see some of the possibilites. If you want to use one of the random faces you must remember to press the "Use this face" button.
  4. Clear face: This just clears out any options you've chosen and lets you start from scratch again.

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