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You have not marked any other player as your favorite. Click on a user's face during a game and select "favorite" to mark them as one of your favorites! Marking someone as being in your favorites list displays a small heart next to their avatar in the lobby and during games you share together. It doesn't do anything else, it's just a helpful reminder that you enjoyed playing with this player before and may enjoy doing so again. If you accidentally favorite a player you can always come back here and unfavorite them.


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What are "Favorite Players" ?

In multiplayer games you sometimes end up in games with people that you really enjoy playing against. Maybe they are a fantastic partner, show great sportmanship, are a worthy opponent that keeps you at the top of your game, they are a close friend that you just can't remember the username of, you like playing with them but they are always changing their avatar, what have you. In those cases you may want to be able to mark them so that you can recognize them again at a later date. By marking them as a "Favorite Player" they'll get a little heart added to their avatar, so that when you next see them in the lobby you'll know this is a player you previously enjoyed playing with!

Of course it's always possible to favorite someone by accident, so if you do that, or decided they are no longer one of your favorite players, you can always come back here and remove them from the list. You can get to this page by clicking on Options, and then clicking the "favorite users" link, or on a phone you'll see a "favorite users" menu item in the main menu.

Players you've marked as being your favorites won't know you've marked them as such, this is just for your convinience. Beyond displaying the heart it has no bearing on any functionality of our games.

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